Hello and thank you for volunteering to assist with opening day.   Whether you are a parent volunteering as part of the registration discount or a player volunteering, this program is completely volunteer, so your help is greatly appreciated.  A couple quick notes before filling out the form:

  • VERY IMPORTANT:  you will receive a confirmation by Monday morning for that afternoon and by Thursday evening for next Saturday with times.  Please do not assume that the times you sent in are the final times you will be assigned.
  • Please fill out all fields - the more info the better to properly schedule
  • For players:  you can sign up to work as a paid helper ($10/hr) or for school volunteer hours, however, please note that as we fill slots, preference will be given first to those performing school hours
  • The cell phone field should be the number we can use to contact you while on the field at Soccerfest for breaks, location changes etc
  • Volunteers and Paid Helpers that work 3 or more hours will be able to receive a parking pass to park at Hickory Park.  Volunteers & Helpers without a parking pass can still be dropped off or picked up at Hickory Park
  • Know of other responsible kids 13 or older who are interested?   Please have them fill out the form, BUT:
    • Choose Parent
    • Put their actual age in the Age Group Field
    • Note in the Comment field that they are not a player in the program