Hickory Soccer & Travel

The benefit of being part of the Hickory Soccer program is that it is not a filtering/recruiting system for a single club program.  If interested in joining a club program, there are no pressures to join one over another. 

If this is the path you want to choose for your child, please read the articles included in this section of the website. Educate yourself so that you will have proper and realistic expectations for you and your child’s sporting experience. 

In addition, please do your due diligence on the club/travel program you choose to join: ask about fees, fund raising expectations, amount of travel expected, amount of over-night travel expected, are the coaches paid and how much, how much does field space cost, what are the usual/expected seasonal costs for the tournaments, what is the program’s philosophy and goal for its participants, how many teams in an age group (most would agree that that max should be 2 per age group), where do the fundraising monies go to, what is the year around expected commitment, find parents in the program and ask what they like, find those who have left the program and ask why they left.

The following is a list of area travel/club soccer teams (in alphabetical order): 

Bel Air Football Club  http://belairfootballclub.com/ 

Northern Elite http://www.northernelitesoccer.com/ 

Old Line Football Club http://www.oldlinefc.com/ 

Pipeline  http://www.pipelinesoccerclub.com/