Our program is designed to teach boys and girls the fundamentals and tactics needed to perform in matches.  The camp allows us to develop each player’s knowledge through both team building and small group exercises.  It is very important that young children learn the necessary skills to be a successful player at the recreational, club, high school and collegiate level.  Our camp will help your child gain the competitive edge over their opponent.  We focus on the technical preparation and then apply it to tactical situations.  Placing the boys and girls in small groups forces the player to get involved with the flow of the game.  We teach kids to be composed in tight areas, allowing him or her to make the right decisions with the ball.  It is very important to be in good physical shape while playing soccer, but more importantly, to know the game mentally.  In addition, the kids will develop an understanding to know when to perform these moves and what is required from the position they are playing in order to be successful. 

        After participating in our camp, our goal is for your child to improve their game, but more important, develop a greater passion for the sport and have fun.  We will end each session with scrimmages, which will give your child a chance to transfer their newly acquired skills and knowledge from practice to the game field.